Get Wise Care at Latrobe Ford

Are you in need of some vehicle repairs that are going to help keep your vehicle looking fresh on the exterior, or are in need of some more niche service and maintenance needs, we can cover you at Latrobe Ford. We have Wise Care and Wise Appearance, which are used by many drivers to keep their vehicle's looking good. We want you to get in touch with us and learn more about it!

What is Wise Care and Wise Appearance?

Wise Care and Wise Appearance are a service offered by a leading auto finance and insurance products group, helping you maintain your vehicle's appearance with protection plans which help manage the cost of cosmetic repairs. Eligible vehicles are any car, truck or SUV that has any number of miles, and is up to eight model years old. Wise Care gives you the ability to get straightforward protection for a number of vehicle needs. At our dealership, we're here to make sure you can get those fulfilled as a Wise Care provider.

What does Wise Care and Wise Appearance Cover?

Wise Care and Wise Appearance cover a range of different cosmetic options, and among the most utilized are:

  • Paintless dent repair where we're able to fix a dent in the vehicle without the use of needing to touch it up with paint
  • Cosmetic alloy wheel repair, which helps make the wheels look fresh and new be it a touchup or refinishing
  • Windshield repair for any cracks or chips on your windshield, including full replacement if needed
  • Interior ad Exterior surface repair for issues inside and outside the vehicle that are easily seen and can be fixed
  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance is also available for a wide range of needs including key replacement and key fob replacement

Why Use Wise Care from Latrobe Ford?

Using Wise Care has plenty of benefits. Being able to keep your vehicle looking good and having the costs be as efficient as possible is always a plus. And, this is the type of care you want because for many, it's the most common things they'll find this might cover. We've all had a runaway shopping cart leave a little dent, or perhaps had a pebble kick up onto the windshield and leave a chip on the glass. Maybe we just want that pesky surface repair done; with Wise Care and Wise Appearance, this covers it, and it's why we're happy to offer these services to you.

Learn All About the Services We Offer at Latrobe Ford

Our team would be happy to highlight all the different details and discuss Wise Care and Wise Appearance with you. We also invite you to make sure that all your service and repair needs are me. That includes all the basics and maintenance that makes sure your vehicle runs every day of the week. You're able to schedule an appointment online for regular service, or get in touch with us about utilizing Wise Care and Wise Appearance, and we'll set up a time to have you come through and get everything you need at our comprehensive dealership here at Latrobe Ford.

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